Original/ Creative projects

 “I was very impressed by it. The playing and writing is first class and the whole record has a great vibe." -Larry Grenadier (bassist w/ Brad Mehldau, Pat Metheny, Paul Motion, many others)

Check out my recording Blu Mulcru, with Steve Langone, Jorge Roeder, Perry Rossi, and Bill Jones!

Click below image for samples:

Blu Mulcru cover art

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Music for your event/venue

-From solo guitar to custom ensembles up to 10 pieces

-Booking, organizing and managing musical talent for your venue or event

Woods Hole Golf Club with Laird Boles

The Blu Mulcru boys at Ryles Jazz Cub

A Cape Cod Wedding w/ Krisanthi Pappas, Paul Nagel, Jon Evans, and David Scandurra

Production/writing Services

-Help with your recording project

-Lead sheet prep and transcription services

-Create a jingle (sample below) 

I wrote, recorded and produced this jingle for a well-known Cape Cod mortgage company. You’ll hear my Washburn Acoustic (with a Nashville tuning), my Taylor 614 Grand Concert, my Fender Jazz Bass and multi-tracked vocals: